Join Master Storyteller Timothy Totten on a fascinating trip through the life and work of America's most (in)famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Utilizing hundreds of photos and dozens of in-depth human stories, Totten breathes life into a tale of love, adultery, murder and the Emperor of Japan, all painted against the backdrop of the country's greatest architectural works.

Tim is always looking for events
all over the country.  Please recommend him to any group
for informal to keynote presentations. 
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Background photo is in the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. 

Photo by Stan Ecklund, Curator at Hollyhock House in Los Angeles, California.

Topics by Master Storyteller, Timothy Totten

Available Storytelling Sessions include:

  • The Genius of Frank Lloyd Wright

  • The Wright Women: The 4+ Loves of Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Wright in Your Backyard: Florida Southern College, Lakeland

  • Wright in Your Backyard: Lewis Spring House, Tallahassee

  • Building Sacred Spaces

  • All The Wright Details

  • A Look at Frank Lloyd Wright's Relationship with Architect Nils Schweizer

  • Frank Lloyd Wright: The Modern Reinvention

  • Wright Goes to Hollywood


4 Part Classroom Series:

  1. From Arts & Crafts to Organic Architecture: The Evolution of Wright

  2. Frank Lloyd Wright & The Prairie School of Architecture

  3. Wright's Enduring Usonian Ideals & Impact

  4. Wright's Influence on Public & Sacred Spaces


3 Part Series:

  1. The Prairie Years

  2. The Wandering Architect

  3. The Modern Reinvention

Others available upon request

Private Group Tours by Timothy Totten available for:

Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida

Lewis Spring House, Tallahassee, Florida

Private Group Tours facilitated by Timothy Totten available for:

Oak Park + Chicago


Others available (Where do YOU want to go?)​

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